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Small & Medium Business Consulting

About Us

ezITech Consulting provides consulting services to small and medium businesses with an exclusive focus in Information Technology. We have 30+ years of experience in the corporate world, working with local BC companies and with large international corporations.


Our focus is to help small businesses evaluate Information Technology projects to select the right combination of technology and services to succeed. We strive to provide clear, concise and unbiased information to help the small business owner make informed decisions about IT projects.


Our Services

We at ezITech Consulting provide consulting services for anything in the Information Technology domain. We are able to consult on any IT project a business may be contemplating and can take the stress out of the process. Our fees are affordable, competitive, and can be customized to encompass the entire lifecycle of the project or be charged per-hour on an as needed basis.


IT Support

It can be very daunting and frustrating for small businesses without dedicated IT personnel to deal with vendors on IT issues. This usually involves taking time away from the business to resolve issues. Even with an issue covered by a support contract, it usually means spending valuable time on the phone dealing with issues. This can be very ineffective, and we can offer our expertise and time, and free a business owner from spending time they may not have on support. We can deal with all vendors on your business’ behalf. From hardware issues, to the day-to-day “How Do I” questions, ezITech can help. Free yourself from “support hell” and give us a call.



We have experience with virtualization of physical servers, with technology from VMWare ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V for virtual computing. Managed server configuration with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. Migrating physical servers into the cloud can be a difficult and challenging task. We can help you find a vendor and select all the options necessary for a successful transition.


Cloud based services

We can provide advice on, and selection of Cloud file storage, backup, and disaster recovery with Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, as well as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.


ERP and CRM systems

Selecting an ERP or CRM system to manage your business can be a daunting experience. We can provide assistance with evaluation and selection of ERP and CRM systems from a host of vendors, offering both physical and cloud-based options. We can assist you with the selection of the right system and options to ensure the solution is a good fit for your business. We can help retail stores and restaurants with selecting POS systems from vendors like Squirrel, SQUARE, and Lightspeed. We can advise on selection and implementation of relational databases, like MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL.


Software and Security

We can help clients with evaluation, selection, and implementation of productivity software (Office 365), security software (anti-virus and endpoint protection), collaboration software (Sharepoint, Google Docs). We can assist with advice on small office network setup, including workstations, printers, routers, and firewalls.

Why hire ezITech Consulting?

Technology is everywhere and plays an important role in running a business. But for most business owners, technology is simply a tool to run the business. Technology has the potential to increase efficiency, but implemented incorrectly it becomes a source of frustration, added cost and time, and does not add to the bottom line. Most small businesses cannot approach consultancies such as KPMG, Price WaterHouse Coopers, and Accenture because the price is out of reach for all but large corporations. CPAs and Business Management Consultants focus too broadly on all aspects of business and do not specialize in IT. Managed service providers primary focus is to sell a business on a product or service and can be biased. ezITech Consulting specializes exclusively in Information Technology and can use our experience to advise business owners on the best technology and implementation process to get the most out of the IT toolkit without being distracted from the business’ primary purpose. We are independent and not affiliated with any technology vendors. Our mission is to provide the best advice and recommendations based on the individual needs of a business. A small investment in ezITech Consulting services can save a business owner thousands of dollars in direct costs down the road, as well as frustration and time spent on managing technology. To see how ezITech Consulting can help you today, give us a call and move your project forward with the right advice.

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