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Due to COVID-19 we will not be entering homes. All support will be remote.

IT Service for your personal needs throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley 


Services for your home.

  • - Remove viruses/spyware/malware

  • - Email setup

  • - Recover lost data from crashed hard drives

  • - Perform system maintenance and checkups

  • - Setup home & office networks

  • - Backup & restore computer

  • - Upgrade old or new computers

  • - Customize computer packages

Services for your home based business.

  • - Organize your data in a central location to help increase productivity

  • - Protect your information against data loss with a proper backup solution

  • - Securely protect your business infrastructure from unauthorized users

  • - Keep your business running on a reliable network with little to no downtime

  • - Access business information and resources from virtually anywhere, anytime

  • - Improve team performance through enhanced collaboration

  • - Become much more efficient, focus on what you do best, not on your PC's

  • - Share resources and office equipment over the network and reduce costs

  • - Implement up to date technology that can grow with today and tomorrow

  • - Technology Planning

Small to Medium Businesses are encouraged to use ezITechConsulting.

Please call 604-809-9112 or 844-552-8324

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